Let’s Get Lyrical

Words + music was the theme, and Olivia Newton-John provided the soundtrack during the early development days of what became Scotland’s first ever festival of song lyrics: Let’s Get Lyrical.

Campaign Overview

What began as a web-based project with key events in Edinburgh and Glasgow slowly grew: before I knew it, I was putting to print a programme with 86 events in 28 days, and co-ordinating 69 partner organisations. That’s a lot of people, and they were charmed, enthused and inspired to put on a range of fantasic nights celebrating song lyrics.

Gigs – we could be cool and have gigs. We had gigs.

The Strategy

Each of the One Book – One Edinburgh campaigns was carefully designed to engage new readers, celebrate writing and provide lasting engagement. Key features include:

  • Adaptation
  • Live action
  • Schools programme
  • Community outreach
  • Profile and prominence

Why It Worked

The campaign generated over £250,000 of publicity for literature, music and song lyrics. As with all the reading campaigns I’ve worked on, it’s a blend:

Partnership / fills a gap / high-quality / citywide / high-profile / bite-sized


Motion passed in the Scottish Parliament congratulating Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature staff on the campaign.

What Happened Next?

Let’s Get Lyrical was a one-off, but people really took to the idea, and the website continues to receive attention and submissions of stories about the songs that people identify with. I would love to have the time to continue to develop the project – it has the potential to expand as a space to share the lyrics people love.

Tell Me More About…

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Other projects you’re involved with


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