One Book – One Edinburgh: Jekyll & Hyde

The first One Book – One Edinburgh camapign, Kidnapped, was hugely successful in bringing the city of Edinburgh together to read: the specially commissioned graphic novel by Cam Kennedy and Alan Grant was particularly popular. As the pair were working on an adaptation of R L Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Hyde, the mission seemd clear: a second reading campaign about the darkly gothic bestselling classic.

Campaign Overview

Run as part of my work for Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature, the campaign gave away 10,000 free copies, with  ??? people attending ?? events in the public, schools and outreach programmes.

Working with publishing parters, a new paperback edition was created and once again four new graphic novels created, in English, Scots, Gaelic and a modern text for emerging readers.

There was also a lot of scope for the wearing of top hats.

The Strategy

Each of the One Book – One edinburgh campaigns was carefully designed to engage new readers, celebrate writing and provide lasting engagement.

  • Adaptation
  • Live action
  • Schools
  • Community
  • Profile and prominence

Why It Worked

Partnership / filled a gap / adaptation / citywide / profile

“The proportion of the less affluent groups was higher than usually expected when profiling audiences for cultural events and activities.” – The Audience Business


Motion passed in the Scottish Parliament congratulating Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature staff on the campaign.

What Happened Next?

After two popular years, in a city that was embracing the annual February read, it was time to work with other parts of the uk – and to give Stevenson a break. Colleagues in Bristol were interested in Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World, and it seemed sensible to join forces to celebrate one of Edinburgh’s most well-known writers. One Book – One Edinburgh: The Lost World Read was launched in February 2009.

Tell Me More About…

One Book – One Edinburgh: The Lost World Read

One Book – One Edinburgh campaigns

Your other reader development initiatives

Other projects you’re involved with


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