EdBookFest – The Night Before Christmas

So, it’s just about here – the world’s biggest Book Fest opens in the morning. As the carpets are laid, the theatres hoovered and the ticket desk polished, there’s an air of quiet readiness about the place, and not a little excitement.

Today was not a glamorous one for anybody – while the Book Fest team wrestled with tarpaulins and installing toilets, I set up the City of Literature Information Desk in the Entrance Tent.


I spent the time crawling behind furniture looking for power points, risking numerous paper cuts and praying that the info leaflets, promoting literary events all through the year, will be robust enough to withstand the crawling damp.

It was a day for finishing touches – putting up the signage, getting the banners in place and testing out the Garden artwork (watch out, those sofas are made of concrete.)

Now, however, it is ready. Come along and have a look.


Press team carry the Book Fest standard


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