EdBookFest – Ready and Waiting

Day has dawned on the opening morning of the Book Festival. Before long, radio signals will go round amongst the staff and the gates will swing open, ready for the crowds will flood in through the green and blue Entrance Tent.

In the Garden itself, deckchairs have appeared, patiently waiting, each one sprinkled with a quotation from one of the many authors that have visited the Festival.

These will likely be fought over in a very genteel, Edinburgh way whenever the sun comes out. I will keep an eye on them, as a social experiment.

I’m privately taking bets as to which one of these will get nicked first, and end up going for a walk out on the town. (I’ve got my eye on this Ali Smith one.)


At the back of the grown-up Bookshop neatly sits the empty cafe. Alongside it is a new development – the Guardian Media Zone lets you sit and plug in to the paper’s online content, from podcasts to slideshows. I didn’t have time to have a play with it, but it certainly looks eye-catching.

The Children’s Bookshop seems peculiarly quiet when empty, as it waits for the sea of families, the push of buggies and the delighted squeals as children spot books by their favourite authors – from Julia Donaldson’s Gruffalo and Tiddler to the complete audio collection of Neil Gaiman’s titles for younger folk. Rather like the look of that one for me, actually. It will be difficult to resist the temptation of all these lovely books.

Day One

I’ll post observances a couple of times a day, and at the end of each I’ll do a round-up. At some point along the way, I’ll post a pic of the shoes I’m wearing, so you can keep track of my Book Fest Shoe Challenge.

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