EdBookFest Day 2 – Caitlin Moran, Crocodiles and New Writing Careers

The hot tickets today were for short story king Tobias Wolff and Caitlin Moran, in town to talk about How To Be A Woman. I heard there were 10,000 ticket requests for Moran’s humerous talk about the perils, pitfalls and opportunities of being a 21st century lass: from refusing the glamourised culture of fashion, beauty and celebrity (‘ just be a little bit clean’) to tackling the big stuff like sex, parenting and abortion (‘it’s an option not to feel guilty.’) Moran is witty, well-read and blazingly intelligent, and the audience prompted her to move on from feminism to politics – the topic for her next book, she told us.

In a complete change of tone, I popped by the signing queue for incredible Edinburgh illustrator Catherine Rayner. I love Augustus the Tiger and Harris the Hare – I wish I’d had time to have Catherine ink a few animals onto a shiny new copy of Solomon Crocodile for me, as she did for the children in the queue.

I ran the New Writers Reception today for Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature, introducing emerging authors to established members of the wider arts community.

Creative Scotland chief Andrew Dixon stopped by, along with publishers, agents and writers including James Robertson, John Fardell, Keith Gray, Nicola Morgan and Vivian French.

Story Shop today was another success – Lynsey May read us two pieces of flash fiction, both glimpses and insights into the worlds of two very different women. You can hear me interview Lynsey, and read her stories, on the City of Literature website.

I was soaking up the sun as Sarah Brown headed into her event, accompanied by Gordon – Twitter informed me it turned into a joint event, and I spotted them both in the Signing Tent. Instead, with the scent of mud in the warm(ish) air, I sipped a little wine with friends and took some snaps of the great literary deckchairs.

Today’s Shoes: I stayed away from the mud and went for comfy gold brogues.

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