EdBookFest Day 11 – Soul Stealing, Story Shop & the Electric Lit Orchestra

Story Shop is gathering fans – after the Day 11 reading from Juliet Wilson, there were several people staying on to say how much they enjoy the readings, and that they think it’s a great way to support new talent.

You can listen to my interviews with each of the Story Shop authors, and read their full stories, over on the City of Literature website.

Several Story Shop readers from previous years are part of Writers’ Bloc, Edinburgh’s spoken word collective and writing group. They were in charge at Unbound, and took to the stage with a theme of music and words: the Electric Lit Orchestra.

Mixing music and words, many of the stories were read over music composed by Bloc members. Morag Edward was accompanied by a cellist, there were saxaphones and guitars and Helen Jackson’s story finale, read by Andrew J Wilson, featured a stealth choir in the audience. It was all ably compered by spoken word star Gavin Inglis.

Author Portraits Exhibition

Around the wooden walkways of the Edinburgh International Book Festival hang beautiful glimpses into private writing lives, portraits of great writers that capture our world in their words.

Photographer Chris Close doesn’t steal souls, but he does capture them for just a brief moment, illuminating the authors that visit Edinburgh in August.

I’ll add new images each day, as Chris expands the exhibition – I’ve put together an Author Portraits Exhibition page for them all.

Author Portraits Exhibition >

Here’s Chris at work – adding new images to the walkways, and in the process of photographing The Time Traveler’s Wife author Audrey Niffenegger.







Daily Shoe Challenge

It felt a little bit summery, so I went for a bit of a retro white-bows-and-cork-heels look. They were very popular with staff, and today’s photographer was Lady of the Yurt Alice Tarbuck.

The shoes are pictured on the green felt of the EdBookFest photograper’s zone, before I trotted in to see Writers’ Bloc perform the Electric Lit Orchestra at Unbound.

The Shoe Challenge So Far >

My feet were tired, so I did take my shoes off when I was in the office – City of Literature Director Ali Bowden took this picture of them resting. She also took this shot of Writers’ Bloc’s Gavin Inglis, with his Bloc footwear. It was quite dark in the Spiegeltent.

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