International Creative Entrepreneurs

I’m very chuffed to be able to say that I’ve been selected to take part in Scotland’s inaugural International Creative Entreprenuers programme – otherwise known as ICE.

Part of Creative Scotland’s Creative Futures fund, ICE focuses on investing in the leadership and development of six creative professionals.

In practice, that means that myself and five fab arts folk will be flung out across the world to work with and learn from an organisation that’s doing ground-breaking work in the arts.

Where is Anna Going?

The bright ideas and sunshine of Cape Town are beckoning. I’ll be hosted by Interactive Africa, a creative consultancy firm that delivers Design Indaba, the major exhibition and conference that showcases and develops South African design talent.

Who Are the Other ICE Fellows?

We’ve only just met, and they aren’t quite ready to unveil themselves: I’ll tell you about my fellow five arts ninjas soon. Our placements run at different times, but we’ll have regular Skype conferences to catch up, and to learn from each other.

What Has ICE Got In Store For Us?

We are going to be challenged at every turn – to show us alternative ways of thinking in new environments and to immerse us in completely different cultures.

We’ll each be working with a mentor, to help us think about how we can best evolve as creative leaders.

Come Fly With Me…

I’m lucky to have this opportunity – and I want to use it to take you with me. I don’t have room in my suitcase, but there is plenty of room here, on the interweb. You can help me, support me, question me and make me find things out for you, in order to help us all:

  • Learn about new and developing arts and design projects.
  • Get to grips with new ways of thinking.
  • Learn from other business models.
  • Meet some visionary artists.
  • Discover the best bars and restaurants of my new home.

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When Are We Going?

Our global creative journey is about to begin – I arrive in Cape Town on 18th January and will be based in South Africa until June 2012.

While I will be based in the Cape, I intend to travel to meet with desingers based in other parts of the country, to learn about their challenges and opportunities.

You’re coming too, remember. Hope you’ve got some virtual suntan cream.


3 responses to “International Creative Entrepreneurs

  1. That’s fantastic news – congratulations – but no surprise at all. How could one tiny little capital contain you, or one tiny country for that matter? Have a wonderful world!

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