Dreamscapes, 3 Wheels & a Tuk-tuk

The Dream Factory Studio is a studio space in central Cape Town, commonly used for photo shoots but also a gallery, club and occasional bar, complete with chandelier. Last week it was both photography gallery and cinema as it played host to 3 Wheels, an exhibition and film about the Lanka Challenge to cross Sri Lanka in a tuk-tuk – and serving up delicious curry at the same time.

Around 200 people piled in to laugh and cheer the intrepid tuk-tuk drivers, as contestants from around the world coaxed their colourful and temperamental steeds across the island nation, undergoing a series of challenges as they went. Alas, our heroic South African/ Sicilian team of  two failed in their attempts first to win, and then to come last – but from their journey they have created a bright and entertaining film.

I loved the Dream Factory’s beanbags, wooden benches and beer, along with the mixed nature of the crowd, with family members and friends and local artsy folk.

The night was one of discoveries for me: a great chance to meet some of the cheerful and hip Cape Town crowd, discover an independent arts space and find a new challenge – I now really want one to be a tuk-tuk racer. A new career beckons.


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