Cape Town Literary Salon – The Pilot

Writers of Cape Town! I know you’re out there. And you, publishers. Illustrators and animators, librarians and book artists, graphic novelists, journalists, producers and editors – I want to meet you all, you wonderful, book-loving bunch.

So let’s meet up for a drink, shall we?

Created as a networking night in a pub, surrounded by wine and great conversation, the Cape Town Literary Salon is the perfect way to meet like-minded literary folk involved in the world of words.

As a visitor to the Mother City, I hope it’s a great way to meet you all – and for you to meet each other.

Come along and say hello!

Cape Town Literary Salon

Tuesday 29 May from 6pm – 8pm


The salon is being hosted at the very funky Alexander Bar, on the corner of Strand St and Loop St. Alexander Bar is complete with vintage typewriters and gorgeous old telephones from which to call the bar, check the title of the song being played or simply keep the chat going between tables. It’s the perfect place for our gathering.

Who is Anna?

I’m visiting from Edinburgh, where I created and hosted the much-loved Literary Salon for Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature, and produced innovative writing events for the Edinburgh International Book Festival. I’m a literary ninja who loves books and writing, and I’m keen to get to know the people in SA’s literary scene before I return to Scotland.

Anna Burkey: Literary Ninja >

Edinburgh Literary Salon

In 2006, I created Edinburgh’s first literary salon, a grand and lofty title for a gathering of friendly folk active in the world of words and looking to share ideas, inspiration and a few glasses of wine on a regular basis.

The last Tuesday of each month sees a multitude of writers, journalists, publishers, illustrators, animators, librarians and arts workers descend on The Wash bar in the historic Old Town of Edinburgh. We have some wine and talk about books, and then we have some more wine and end up talking about festivals, ideas, politics, technology, business, shoes and late-night pizza.

Edinburgh Literary Salon >

Weegie Wednesday

Inspired by Edinburgh’s salon, Glasgow set up a spin-off event cheekily entitled Weegie Wednesday, for Glaswegian based writerly types. It’s been running since 2007 (I think), and normally features one or two guest speakers giving very short talks, as well as all the usual salon mingling and drinking malarky.

Norwich Literary Salon

My friends and colleagues at the wonderful Writers Centre Norwich are bidding to have the city become a UNESCO City of Literature, and we’ve worked quite closely in the past.

The WCN has now developed the Norwich literary salon, and I wave on Twitter whenever they meet up – WCN’s Sam Ruddock is great at keeping the #LitSalon tag full of bookish chat from the event.


13 responses to “Cape Town Literary Salon – The Pilot

  1. Thanks for all the interest and enthusiasm surrounding the Pilot edition of the CT LitSalon – lots of offers of support to keep it going, so working on a plan at present. Watch this space…

  2. I love this idea….but sadly heard too late ( via repost on Creative Cape Town today). Another one?

      • All those who work in the literary world – writers, librarians, publishing folk, booksellers – are very welcome! It’s a chance to catch up with other folk active in the writing world, and for me to meet the folks of the literary scene out here. Look forward to meeting you.

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