Book Festivals

There are some fabulous Book Festivals out there, that celebrate the written word all across world.

The most sucessful have their own unique personalities – here’s some of the star festivals I’ve visited:

West Port Book Festival

Billed as the Soho of Edinburgh, the West Port is a quirky mix of second-hand bookshops, bars and a touch of the seemy side of city life. The 4th festival, run in October by volunteers and with a sparkling programme, promises to be a bustling affair.

Edinburgh International Book Festival

For the last few years I’ve produced and programmed new writing events at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, met with journalists and authors and welcomed international delegations.

I ran a daily blog in 2011 from behind the scenes, giving a snapshot of life at the Festival and the wide variety of events that take place.

The Edinburgh International Book Festival is the largest in the world: 750 authors take part in 17 days of events, with an audience of 200,000 book fans. Set in a beautiful Georgian garden in the Scottish capital’s New Town, the EdBookFest is a hotbed of literary activity: the world, in words.

Sharjah International Book Fair

Sharjah is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, and the annual Sharjah International Book Fair is a key event in the calendar.

It’s a mix of trade fair, book sales and events, with publishers and bookshops from across the Arab world doing a brisk trade. In November 2011, I was a guest at the 30th Sharjah Book Fair.


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