Edinburgh Book Festival

For the last few years, I’ve produced events at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, which means I’ve been able to spend 17 summer days in a Georgian garden, surrounded by writers, journalists, politics and ideas.

In 2011 I blogged from behind the scenes at the magical tented village that is the world’s largest public celebration of the written word.

Daily Shoe Challenge

I was challenged to wear a different pair of shoes each day, which provided a bit of fun – you can catch up on my Daily Shoe Challenge and check out pics of the shoes, and the great footwear some of the authors pitted against me.

Life at the world’s biggest book festival takes a bit of planning – here’s my EdBookFest Survival Guide.

Daily EdBookFest Blog

EdBookFest Day 1 – Alasdair Gray & a Giant Panda Skull

EdBookFest Day 2 – Caitlin Moran, Crocodiles and New Writing Careers

EdBookFest Day 3 – Jennifer Egan, Architecture & Alligators

EdBookFest Day 4 – Children’s Literature, the Great Downpour & a Water Concerto

EdBookFest Day 5 – Fairytale Meets Reality: Audrey Niffenegger & Neil Gaiman

EdBookfest Day 6 – Amnesty Authors, Kelpies and Silly Photos

EdBookFest Day 7 – Literary Prize Winners and the Battle of the Shoes

EdBookFest Day 8 – Aussie Authors, Writing Careers and Ian Rankin’s Shoes

EdBookFest Day 9 – Pop-Up Bookshops, Sporting Obsessions and Author Portraits

EdBookFest Day 10 – Chairing, Yarns & a Literary Death Match

EdBookFest Day 11 – Soul Stealing, Story Shop & the Electric Lit Orchestra

EdBookFest Day 12 – Mystery Book Sculptures & a Shoe Showdown

EdBookFest Day 13 – Myths, Monsters and Chimney Pots

EdBookFest Day 14 – Jackie Kay, Jenni Murray and the Scottish Book Awards

EdBookFest Day 15 – Politics, Literature & Dreams of the World

EdBookFest Day 16 – Rain and Revolution

EdBookFest Day 17 – A Fleck Finale, and a Thank-You

EdBookFest Day 18 – Wait, There’s a Little Bit More…


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