Creative Entrepreneurs

In 2012, I was an inaugural Fellow on Scotland’s innovative International Creative Entrepreneurs (ICE) programme, part of the investment in Creative Futures.

The program was designed to challenge, with each Fellow exploring a different culture and art form, seeking out alternative ways of thinking in new environments. I travelled to meet creative makers and businesses, finding out about the problems and opportunities across South Africa while focusing on:

  • Learning about developing arts and design projects.
  • Studying a range of business and financial models.
  • Meeting some visionary artists.

Adventures in South Africa - Start at the blog's beginning



Design Indaba, Cape Town – I was immersed in bright ideas and sunshine at Design Indaba, the major exhibition and conference that showcases and develops South African design talent. Their motto matches my ideal: “a better world through creativity.”

Accessing creative Cape Town

Two months in to my South African visit, some thoughts on getting involved with the cultural explosion.

Welcome to Design Indaba

Ten days ago I packed my winter clothes of Scotland into storage boxes and readied my suitcase and suncream, heading on international posting to Design Indaba in Cape Town. I now find myself in a leafy, friendly office with windows blinking up at Table Mountain, ceiling fans cooling the open spaces and a miniature putting … Continue reading »

COMMON Pitch rocks South Africa

I’ve made great new colleagues in the creative world thanks to my involvement in COMMON Pitch: South Africa. From the mentors who spoke at our preparatory workshops to the fantastic and dedicated entrepreneurs, I learned a lot from all involved. The project was much more than a single evening: it was a goldmine of … Continue reading »

Dreamscapes, 3 Wheels & a Tuk-tuk

The Dream Factory Studio is a studio space in central Cape Town, commonly used for photo shoots but also a gallery, club and occasional bar, complete with chandelier. As was both photography gallery and cinema, it played host to 3 Wheels, an exhibition and film about the Lanka Challenge to cross Sri … Continue reading »

New Era South Africa

Last weekend, my Twitter feed was abuzz with chat from the launch of an exhibition here in Cape Town called New Era SA. I had no idea what or where it was, but it sounded like it was fun, that people were impressed by the displays and that there was music, beer and an interesting … Continue reading »

Introducing Common Pitch: South Africa

Right now in Cape Town, I’m planning a party to fix the world! I’m project managing Design Indaba’s opening night gig on 29 Feb 2012 – COMMON Pitch: South Africa, with our partners, US-based COMMON. We’re transforming the august City Hall (where Nelson Mandela gave his first Presidential speech) into a trendy, market-inspired space with food and drink … Continue reading »

The Fringe Handmade

There are quite a few markets and spaces for selling creative goods in Cape Town: I plan to check them all out, chat to the stallholders about their shops and goods, and find out how the markets themselves run. I’ll probably also eat cake, drink homemade lemonade, buy some pressies and lust after necklaces, shoes … Continue reading »

ICE, ICE, Baby  – Stop, Collaborate and Listen. Based on a Vanilla Ice song, ICE has been funded by Creative Scotland to give cultural practitioners and entrepreneurs space and time to share and learn from creative leaders across the world.

An Overview of ICE >

ICE is supported by Creative Scotland, part of their Creative Futures fund, and delivered by Nicola Turner and Kim Simpson through NT Creative Arts.


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