About Anna

Anna Burkey is a curious creature in love with cultural festivals; she blogs about her adventures, but can be so absorbed she forgets to write anything longer than a tweet. When not reading, Anna is a consultant, editor and producer specialising in international arts shenanigans, and occasionally writes about herself in the third person.

UNESCO Cities of Literature

Edinburgh is the first UNESCO City of Literature, part of a global network of Creative Cities. For six years Anna was half of the founding Edinburgh team, working across the literature sector to promote reading and writers; while there, Anna created and hosted the Edinburgh Literary Salon.

Edinburgh at sunset

International Creative Entrepreneurs (ICE)

Anna develops multi-artform campaigns, digitally and in the real world. She won a Creative Scotland ICE Fellowship to explore innovation and design in South Africa, working on events and digital development with Design Indaba in Cape Town.
 National Gallery, Cape Town

Centre for Youth Literature

Currently, Anna is running Australia’s Centre for Youth Literature and developing the children & families programming & structures for the State Library of Victoria, including the Children’s Book Festival.


Children’s Book Festival

A partnership between the State Library of Victoria and the Wheeler Centre for Book, Writing & Ideas, the Children’s Book Festival is an enormous celebration of children’s stories. Held in Melbourne, it reaches over 15,000 families and includes a dedicated schools program.Childrens' Book Fest - 2014 Logo Banner

Lighting Up the Sky

Beautiful poems were beamed around Edinburgh, from castle to shore, letting some unexpected rays of light warm the hearts of residents and visitors alike. Douglas Dunn’s words ‘Look to the living, love them, and hold on’ shone across the Castle Rock in 2010, prompting one man to propose to his lady, on a cold Valentine’s night.

Projected onto Edinburgh Castle, & John and Becky (who's wearing Anna's coat). Image: Chris Scott.


Opening a Story Shop @ EdBookFest

New artists need to get their work in front of audiences – they also need chance to refine their skills. Anna produced Story Shop, an annual programme of readings from emerging authors at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, encompassing skills training and industry networking.

Story Shop authors in action

Read the Story Shop short stories >


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